Consultants in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.


Ferrey-Moore Associates (FMA) provides consultancy services to the oil, gas, railway, electrical and electronic industry. FMA’s experience is wide ranging from small signal analysis to power electronics, from dc to several GHz and from micro-circuits to control panels.

These services include ;-

- Analogue & Digital Design / Simulation

- EMC Investigation

- Safety & Risk Assessments

- Expert Witness Reports

- Prototype Construction

- Technical Advisor

Since 1998 the business has grown so that the present premises situated in the Wiltshire provides office space and conference facilities.

The company has a proven ability to absorb new ideas and to meet challenges, whether time-scale or technology driven.

Paul Moore – Principal Engineer

Paul is a highly competent engineer with over 30 years experience in safety systems, analogue & digital design and simulation, production engineering and system integration in a wide range of electrical and electronics engineering.

He has experience in running large projects with teams of multi-disciplined engineers using his mentoring and project management skills.

Paul ensures that all services are delivered to high standards.

The Associates

Ferrey-Moore Associates forms the hub of a network of service providers who provide a complete service to industry.

Long term collaboration between the associates offers a configurable team of experts used to working together.


Company profile

Ferrey-Moore Associates

Including ;

- Electrical & Electronic Design and Review,

- Engineering Safety Management,

- Risk Assessment,

- Electronic Assembly, Manufacturing and Test,

- PCB Design and Assembly,

- EMC Investigation,

- Electrical Installation & Commissioning,

- Analogue & Digital Design & Simulation,

- Prototype Construction,

- On-site EMC Investigation.


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